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Braveheart Overland's Trans-American Trek

Braveheart Overland's Trans-American Trek

Posted by Rob Carpenter on 5th Jul 2017

MAXSA Innovations is proud to sponsor the Braveheart Overland expedition team as they travel across the country on the Trans-America Trail Starting on July 15th, the BraveHeart Overland Team will jo … read more

Happy Earth Day 2017

Posted by Phuong Pham on 20th Apr 2017

What day is Earth Day 2017?Earth Day - founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 in purpose to promote environmental awareness and call for the protection of our planet. The observance for Earth Day … read more
The Danger of Not Recycling Batteries

The Danger of Not Recycling Batteries

Posted by Azamat Gulnar (writing), Brian Walsh (images and layout), Kate Fowler (research) on 8th Jun 2015

Batteries are essential for providing the energy most of our everyday items need in order to properly function. Whether it’s a flashlight or a cell phone, batteries are extremely beneficial while th … read more

What is the difference between Watts and Lumens?

Posted by Brian Walsh and Jesse Moore on 18th Jun 2014

We often speak to customers who are surprised by how few watts our LED lights are, they often assume that because they are low wattage units, that they must not be bright. This is a common miscon … read more