Solar Lighting Solutions

Solar Lighting Solutions

  • Solar-Powered

    Solar-Powered LED Flag Light

    "However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness." (*)(from the United States Flag Code: Title 36 - Chapter 10 - Section 173) The perfect light for your...

  • Solar-Powered

    Solar-Powered LED Deck Lights (Pack of 4)

    The new MAXSA Innovations Solar LED Deck Lights illuminate your way while adding safety and elegance to your deck, porch, or other outdoor structure. Whether mounted on the deck railing, porch steps, or other outdoor area, these solar-powered,...

  • Solar-Powered

    Solar-Powered Metal Deck Lights (Pack of 4)

    No More Stumbling in the Dark! These sleek solar metal deck lights are great for everything from accenting decorative elements of your deck, to illuminating dark paths or steps. Whether you are trying to show off your deck, or prevent trips and falls,...

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  • Solar-Powered

    Solar Marker Lights - Red (Pack of 2)

    Weatherproof LED lights mark paths, driveways, steps and more! Mark paths, driveways and steps. Help prevent hazardsProtect yourself, friends, family, and your property by using these bright Marker Lights to line driveways, paths, lawns, pools, steps,...

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