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MAXSA Solutions 101

MAXSA Innovations Products provide solutions for a variety of needs.  Use our helpful information below to guide you to the products most suited to your application.

Lighting Solutions

We have a wide range of solar lights to suit your lighting needs!  There are many different models of solar security lights and also a number of solar lighting solutions.  If sunlight is not available for a solar product, we have battery-powered lights as well.  All of our outdoor lights are weatherproof with an IP44 rating.  Check back regularly to see new articles to help you decide which product or products will fit your needs.

Automotive Solutions

The MAXSA Innovations Automotive product line focuses on parking, organization, and seasonal driving assistance.  Our PARK RIGHT™ products offer multiple options for parking assistance from our low tech parking mats all the way to our guided Laser Parks.  Our organizational products offer multiple hook and hanger options for your bags or even your coats.  Finally, our seasonal items help keep you warm or help you get moving if your vehicle gets stuck.  Check back regularly to see new articles to learn more about our products and how they can help you out.

Safety Solutions

Our Reflective Safety Products keep you visible and alert.  They are highly reflective yellow products and some even have blinking lights to help grab the attention of passing vehicles.  They are different sizes and worn in different places, so be sure to check back for new articles.

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