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Happy Earth Day 2017

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  • What day is Earth Day 2017?

    Earth Day - founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 in purpose to promote environmental awareness and call for the protection of our planet. The observance for Earth Day always falls on April 22 annually which arose from an interest in gathering national support for environmental issues.
  • What do people often do?

    Earth Day is usually celebrated with outdoor performances where each individual or group perform acts of service to Earth. Typical ways of observing Earth Day include planting trees and flowers, picking up trash, using recyclable boxes or containers, taking the pledge to stop using disposable plastic, and even more.
  • Activity ideas with MAXSA Innovations - Let's celebrate Earth Day 2017!

Take advantages by using our Solar-Powered Security Lighting products.


MAXSA Innovations products are designed to protect you - ensure your safety - keep you comfortable - and enhance your overall enjoyment of life. We design all of our products to be dependable, easy to install, and easy to use.

Earth Day this year, we will have 2 special promotions on our Solar-Powered products (starting this April 22 and will be ended April 28, 2017 at 5pm EST):

- Get 25% off on items # 40110 ~ 40227 ~ 44640/44641 ~ 44642-CAM-BK ~ 44416 (Please note: this will not be combined with our Bulk Pricing discount).

- Get free gift when purchasing items # 40218 ~ 40234/40235/40236 ~ 40330 ~ 40334 ~ 48820 (1 MAXSA Night Light in Dark Bronze color item # 40342 will be automatically added into the package sending to you).

Protect the environment and let's make the whole world GREEN!

Here at MAXSA Innovations, we are committed to being socially responsible by creating green products, saving Earth by using recycled boxes, and keeping products out of landfill.

Plant a new tree in your backyard or get a new flower pot for your living room.

Download Earth Day Coloring Pages for having fun with your kids and help them learn more.

- Let us know your plan for Earth Day 2017 (via our Facebook Page or Twitter) ~ and stay tune for our upcoming promotions for this event

Skip West Honored with CTA's 2016 Innovation Entrepreneur Awards!

"Being an Entrepreneur is being able to see the world a little differently!"MAXSA Innovations' President - Skip West, an entrepreneur with a passion for creating innovative products, is a 2016 Innovation Entrepreneur Award winner for 'Small Business Executive of the Year'.Many special thanks to Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for this tremendous honor!Read more what they [...]

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The Danger of Not Recycling Batteries

Batteries are essential for providing the energy most of our everyday items need in order to properly function. Whether it’s a flashlight or a cell phone, batteries are extremely beneficial while they still have power. But what about what happens to batteries after they are no longer needed? Most people don’t think twice about proper battery disposal. Too often the batteries [...]

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What is the difference between Watts and Lumens?

We often speak to customers who are surprised by how few watts our LED lights are, they often assume that because they are low wattage units, that they must not be bright. This is a common misconception, and it is based on a misunderstanding of what watts measure. Watts are a measure of the power used, not the [...]

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MAXSA's Dual Garage Laser Park is featured in an article by House Beautiful!

MAXSA's Dual Garage Laser Park was featured in a recent article in the House Beautiful publication!  You can see it in the Garage Tech slideshow here:http://www.housebeautiful.com/shopping/gadgets/garage-tech-gadgets-0414?click=main_sr#slide-4If you get the printed publication, it is on page 58 of the April 2014 edition!This is our high tech parking system designed to help you park up to two [...]

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MAXSA's Traction Mats are featured in an article by DealNews!

DealNews recently wrote an article entitled, "Tools for your Car in Case of Emergency", which is all about being prepared when on the road.  Our Traction Mats are featured in the "Stuck and Stalled Solutions" section!Click here for more info:http://dealnews.com/features/Dont-Leave-Home-Without-These-14-Tools-and-Supplies-in-Your-Car/514335.htmlOr click here to see the Traction Mats:http://www.maxsainnovations.com/foldable-traction-mats/

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