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Replacement Video Camera Module with Pre-installed Micro-SD Card

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Replacement Video Camera Module with Pre-installed Micro-SD Card for MAXSA Solar-Powered Security Video Camera Lights only (item # 44642 and 44643).

Please specify the model number (44642/44643) and color (black/white) of your MAXSA Solar Video Camera Light at checkout. 

The camera saves the recorded videos to the pre-installed 8GB/16GB micro-SD card. When the micro-SD card is full, the oldest files are overwritten.

  • To use the Solar Security Video Camera Light Module, you need a computer or laptop (the videos are viewable on Windows compatible and Apple computers).
  • To access the videos, the camera module must be disconnected from the light and plugged into a computer's USB port.

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How to disconnect the camera module / access the dials?

  1. Hold the motion sensor by the sides. Be very careful not to put your fingers on the lens of the motion sensor as doing so could damage the device.
  2. Next, use your other hand to press the two gray buttons on both sides of the camera module to release the module.
  3. The camera module should separate directly away from the motion sensor.
  4. There are two adjustment dials: TIME and LUX. These dials are located on the bottom of the motion sensor and can be accessed once the camera module has been removed.


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